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15 Kinds of Camouflage

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #443 15 Kinds of Camouflage From Ian Winterbottom There was a song once, “Camouflage,” which had the refrain, “Things are never quite the way they seem.” It struck me then and still does now that there was the germ of some good hooks and stories there. To this end, I started methodically […]

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Five Tips to Create Game Room Atmosphere

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #444 Five Tips to Create Game Room Atmosphere From Joel Fox Atmosphere while playing is an important consideration that is often overlooked. Sometimes other issues take the foreground, such as simply keeping everyone on-task, or handling the many facets of GMing. Ironically, focusing on these issues becomes unnecessary if atmosphere is correctly […]

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Build Your Own Starship

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #446 Build Your Own Starship From Brent P. Newhall Many sci-fi settings involve the liberal and exciting use and abuse of starships; you board ’em, you fight with ’em, and you fight in ’em. You’ll probably be creating new starships, either as player character vehicles or as environments. So, how to make […]

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How to Create Factions – 3 New Tips Plus: 44 Awesome Ready-To-Use NPC Hooks

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #447 How to Create Factions – 3 New Tips From Johnn Four I discussed in Issue #393: Have Fun with Factions how you can save a lot of time by combining world design with adventure design through factions. Factions are such a useful game mastering tool I encourage all GMs to […]

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A Quick Hack To Create Character Tentacles In Your World

The better connected a character is to your world, the better the gameplay. Sometimes you can mine character backgrounds for all kinds of cool campaign stuff. Relationships with NPCs, for example, give you fantastic GMing options. Use these folks for quest hooks, plot complications, party resources, and roleplaying moments. However, some players don’t create any […]

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8 Tactics for Mooks

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #448 8 Tactics for Mooks From Ian Winterbottom Encounters in the early days of campaigns are harrowing and exciting. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that comes from overcoming a real threat by the skin of your teeth. As your PCs get more powerful, though, this old zest might fade. The joy […]

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11 Homebrew Terrain Ideas

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #449 Homebrew Terrain Ideas In Roleplaying Tips #432 I put out a request for homebrew terrain for my personal campaign. Without a large budget, I wanted to add a new dimension to the tabletop. That’s still a work in progress for my game. In the meantime, though, here are several of the […]

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5 Uses for Heroes — RPT#453

Plenty has been written about villains: how to play them, what motivates them, how they fit into a campaign. Unless your campaign world is a desolate moral wasteland though, there’s probably a favorable hero to villain ratio, and that means you have more do-gooders running around than just the party. Where do these other heroes […]

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