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PC Death And Your Campaign

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #381 PC Death And Your Campaign From Kate Manchester You’re running your campaign, and everything’s going great. At least it was, until one or more of the player characters dies. So, what now? Do you continue the campaign, or bring it to an end? If want to keep your campaign going despite […]

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Top Movies For Game Masters

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #386 Top Movies For Game Masters Here is the first draft of the Top Game Master Movies List, based on reader submissions and my own picks. Movies are not listed in any particular order. A quick check on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes will get you ratings and movie information. Thanks to the […]

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The Art of Propaganda: 7 Tactics to Influence Character Behavior

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #389 The Art of Propaganda: 7 Tactics to Influence Character Behavior From Johnn Four A favourite marketing blog, Dosh Dosh, recently posted about how bloggers can use propaganda in their promotional campaigns to emotionally engage readers. Blog author Maki notes these methods aren’t for deceiving people with false or misleading information, but […]

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Players, Meet Your Characters

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #390 Players, Meet Your Characters From Johnn Four A reader sent in the following request about new players getting to know each other and their characters: Hi Johnn, I hate introducing a new group of players (and more importantly, their characters). When they come out to game for the first time, it’s […]

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Have Fun With Factions

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #393 Have Fun With Factions From Loz Newman Here’s a bit of help for GMs who get bogged down in campaign creation: don’t sweat the small stuff. Economise your creative energies to avoid nasty pitfalls. An example of this is factions. When I create a campaign world, I know a big part […]

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Mapping Tips For Inns, Taverns, And Restaurants

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #395 Mapping Tips For Inns, Taverns, And Restaurants From John Simcoe and Johnn Four The following mapping tips are from my recently released book, GM Mastery: Inns, Taverns, and Restaurants. For more information about this book, see the end of this e-zine. Basic Layout Features Restaurants, taverns, and inns require simple […]

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