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How to Create Situations With 5 Room Dungeons

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1153 We want to cue up situations, not outcomes. By that, I mean we don’t dictate the actions of the characters. That’s the players’ job. But as storytellers, we have a job to do too. We need to weave good tales from our setting, adventure plans, and gameplay as it happens. How […]

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Villain Secrets And Weaknesses

From Aesma Daeva Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #704 I was recently reading some of Johnn’s articles and other sources about creating villains and realized that, in many gaming tables, little focus is placed on the villain’s secrets, flaws, and weaknesses. Maybe that’s because when we think of villains, the first thing that comes to mind is […]

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Solve Scheduling Nightmares With The Schrödinger’s Characters Method

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0698 A Brief Word From Johnn Roleplaying Tips Podcast #2 On-Air Listen to more rambling about adventure design with returning guest James Introcaso. We reveal the official name of the adventure we’re building. And we talk a lot about plots and NPCs and Tomar’s Crossing intrigue. Catch the Roleplaying Tips Podcast #2 […]

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The Card Grid – The Fastest Way To Map Your Kingdom With Adventure Sites

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0688 A Brief Word From Johnn The Missing RPT#599 Now Available Last issue about creating legends for your games referenced an old edition of the newsletter not available online. That problem has now been fixed! You can read RPT#599 about 3 Line Cultures here. I’m sorry if this caused you some frustration. […]

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6 More Monstrous Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0292 A Brief Word From Johnn Roleplaying Tips 6th Anniversary The end of November saw this e-zine enter into its 7th year of assaulting Inboxes around the world. Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, tips, feedback, and reading! Thanks to my volunteers who keep things going. And thanks to my wife […]

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Tips for Setting Up Pbems & Pbps

From Leslie Holm Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0293 A Brief Word From Johnn Back Issues Available For Download Issues #1-#292 are now available for free download! These are all in original, plain text format. If you’re missing an issue or two, now’s your chance to catch-up and fill the gaps. Merry Christmas! Subscription E-Mail Updater Now […]

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Tactical Tips For Over-Resting PCs

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0297 A Brief Word From Leslie RPGHost Networks has set up some freelancer resource sites for you to use, free of charge. Now you can post classifieds, search for industry jobs, upload your image gallery, and all sorts of stuff. http://www.RPGWriter.com Best,Leslie Holm Tactical Tips For Over-Resting PCs These tips hail from […]

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Q&A With Johnn Four

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0300 A Brief Word From Johnn A Great TiddlyWiki Campaign Example Here’s the campaign site that first got me interested in TiddlyWikis. With Bruce’s permission, here’s the link: #300! The introduction in this week’s article covers what I’d say here about this milestone. Hopefully you find the Q&A interesting. Cheers, Johnn […]

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120 Benign Wilderness Encounters

From Chris Buono Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0301 120 Benign Wilderness Encounters Chris polled members of the GMMastery Yahoo group for benign wilderness encounter ideas and then added a few of his own to come up with this awesome list you might find useful for your own campaigns. Editor Isaac added a few more as well. […]

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Why Go Diceless?

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0302 A Brief Word From Johnn Single Player Campaigns I’m a big fan of single player campaigns. They’re so versatile. With only two people involved, they offer easy scheduling, opportunities for impromptu games, an opportunity to practice and hone GMing and playing skills for larger groups, and short game sessions. You can […]

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Running Faster Combats

From Kurt “Telas” Schneider Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0303 A Brief Word From Johnn Speeding Up Combat Some of the tips in this week’s issue appeared in shorter form in #300. Telas had a few more great tips and ideas to add, and since the topic is important, I’m pleased to present this week’s guest […]

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