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How to Create Situations With 5 Room Dungeons

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1153 We want to cue up situations, not outcomes. By that, I mean we don’t dictate the actions of the characters. That’s the players’ job. But as storytellers, we have a job to do too. We need to weave good tales from our setting, adventure plans, and gameplay as it happens. How […]

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Villain Secrets And Weaknesses

From Aesma Daeva Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #704 I was recently reading some of Johnn’s articles and other sources about creating villains and realized that, in many gaming tables, little focus is placed on the villain’s secrets, flaws, and weaknesses. Maybe that’s because when we think of villains, the first thing that comes to mind is […]

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Home Base Tips & Tables

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #699 Five PC Home Base Tips From Anson Brehmer Heroes are often shiftless wanderers, wandering from town to town looking for the biggest problem to tackle, the biggest monster to kill, and the biggest haul to score for a night of ale, wenches, and a shopping spree. This is a fine way […]

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How to Roleplay Seducers, Ancient Evils, Law Enforcement, and Genius NPCs

From James Introcaso Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #696 Roleplaying NPC Mannerisms Part II It is time to put on your acting hat. Roleplaying NPC Mannerisms Part I revealed the importance of distinct, specific non-player character mannerisms. When a great game master inhabits an NPC, the character’s physical and verbal mannerisms help set it apart from the […]

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How to Roleplay NPC Mannerisms

From James Introcaso Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #693 Memorable non-player characters are distinct. Whether you created an NPC or it came out of a published adventure, it is up to you as game master to make each quest giver, tavern goer, and orc slaver different from the rest. The key to creating a believable, distinct cast […]

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7 Tips for Creating Awesome Legends

From Anson Brehmer Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #687 Back in Issue #599, Johnn presented a method called “Heroes & Legends” in which he outlined a quick method for generating a story that exemplified a hero from a culture. It’s a great method for generating stories that contain nuggets of information you can use to roleplay people […]

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