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Random Encounter Tables

From Charles Ciaffone Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #370 Random encounters are an often overlooked tool for the game master. In my own gaming, I use them to set the mood of a region, to provide inspiration for side adventures, and to instill the sense that the campaign world is larger than the characters’ experience. My tables […]

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Alternative Dungeon Environments

From Garrison Sutton (with overwrought filler text added by Johnn Four) Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #371 I’ve been experimenting with alternative adventure settings, and by that I mean dungeons that aren’t underground (I’m in the D&D world). Below are some ideas I’ve had, and I’m hoping Roleplaying Tips readers might write in with similarly-structured alternative dungeon […]

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5 Room Dungeons + Contest

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #372 The following tips originally appeared in Issue #156, and they are among my favorite. I thought it was time to feature them again with some edits, a new tip or two, and a contest. Why Do I Like 5 Room Dungeons? This format, or creation method, has a […]

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Dungeon Themes and Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #373 Muddy Your Dungeons With Wilderness and Urban Styles From Mike Bourke, Australia Dungeon encounters are often balanced with party levels, while outside the dungeon a far more realistic distribution of monster levels encountered occurs. A synthesis of the two approaches is often preferable to either. A little more anarchy in encounter […]

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Personality-Driven Encounters

From Mike Bourke Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #374 Johnn’s article on Characterisation in Roleplaying Tips #363 [] was pretty good, but I think there is more to be said on the subject, and several different ways of looking at the problem, some of which might be better-suited to some players and GMs. So, here’s one of […]

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PC Death And Your Campaign

From Kate Manchester Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #381 You’re running your campaign, and everything’s going great. At least it was, until one or more of the player characters dies. So, what now? Do you continue the campaign, or bring it to an end? If want to keep your campaign going despite this setback, here are a […]

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Top Movies For Game Masters

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #386 Here is the first draft of the Top Game Master Movies List, based on reader submissions and my own picks. Movies are not listed in any particular order. A quick check on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes will get you ratings and movie information. Thanks to the following for contributing their movie […]

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The Art of Propaganda: 7 Tactics to Influence Character Behavior

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #389 A favourite marketing blog, Dosh Dosh, recently posted about how bloggers can use propaganda in their promotional campaigns to emotionally engage readers. Blog author Maki notes these methods aren’t for deceiving people with false or misleading information, but rather to place your messages in contexts that will engage […]

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