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Buildings, Establishments & Places You Can Find In Villages, Towns & Cities

Quick Links to Buildings & Places Sections Ceremonial, Commemorative, and Sacred Civic Important People Citizens Construction Death Education, Information, and Culture Entertainment and Recreation Fashion Finance Food, Drink, Intoxicants Government, Infrastructure, and Military Luxury Goods Medical Open Space Residences & Lodging Businesses, Retail, Crafts, Misc Craftsmen Weapons & Armour Guilds Services Mercantile Vendors And Peddlers […]

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How to Create a Bureaucracy

By Gareth Hodges The Aaargh factor Technically, a bureaucracy is designed to help a government or large group deliver services in a timely, efficient and effective manner. Traditionally however, they are viewed as mockeries that frustrate, delay and ultimately fail to produce results. The first step in creating a bureaucratic system for your gaming world […]

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GM Tip Request – How Do You Track All the Details of a Living World?

O Wise Sage of the Northern Hemisphere, I come to you with an all-consuming question and have emptied my cup and am eager to learn. There’s a world that’s been created and lovingly populated with all manner of things. There are continents with plate tectonics and zones of subduction and hotspots and rift valleys. There […]

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