Garner Combat Victories Faster With Signature Moves

Here’s a tip from my business partner and Campaign Logger developer, Jochen Linnemann. It’s in response to an RPT GM who asked for help speeding up his GURPS combats.

GURPS, if you haven’t played, is crunchier than most systems. You make more rolls to complete an action. Therefore, combat can become longer affairs.

Here’s Jochen’s advice:

Create signature moves for the characters that they can default to when in doubt. These moves should be completely worked out rules-wise and written down with what rolls and which pre-calculated modifiers to roll when.

To get players to “invest” in this work, you can charge them 1 Character Point per move, and in turn, give them +1 to each involved roll.

Let each player choose a default maneuver they turn to when they cannot make up their mind.

Thanks Jochen!

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What I love about this tip is:

  • Determining sequences of actions-to-mechanics steps in advance
  • Turning these sequences into standard operating procedures
  • Adding them to character sheets for instant reference

I could apply this to the game I’m running right now too, the WOIN RPG. It’s on the crunchier scale. as well.

Even in D&D 5E, we could help players, especially new ones, with action combos involving feats, spells, and similar moments when you string together three or more mechanics to resolve an action. (I’m looking at you, grapple.)

Further, Jochen goes on to say…

For monsters, have a move to default to.

Distribute monsters among the more rules-savvy players to lighten your GM burden.

Default to All-Out-Attacks, sparing you defense rolls for them.

I love the idea of creating an automata so foes practically run themselves. One for offense, one for defense, and one that cues up its special power.

And, as Jochen mentions, players could run some of your critters this way without anything being unfair: just run their signature moves.

I think of these as 3-Round Combat Plans. Create your best strategy and tactics before the heat of gameplay makes you too busy.

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Have more fun at every game!

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