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Faster Combat

Faster CombatThe world’s first school for game masters! This in-depth online course shows you exactly how to cut your combat encounter times in half and double the drama and story at the same time. GMs say this course is literally a game changer.

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NPC Essentials

Faster CombatCritically acclaimed and ENnie winning guide to crafting, roleplaying, and GMing three dimensional NPCs for any game system and genre. This book will make a difference to your GMing.

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Inns, Taverns, and Restaurants

Inns, Taverns, and RestaurantsHow to design, map, and GM fresh encounters for RPG’s most popular locales. Includes campaign and NPC advice, plus several generators and tables.

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Adventure Essentials: Holidays

Adventure Essentials: Holidays Advice and tips for designing compelling holidays that not only expand your game world but provide endless natural encounter, adventure, and campaign hooks.

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