Learn 18 Key Concepts in Adventure Design
in this Preview Video for the
Online Adventure Building Workshop

Watch the video below to discover the 18 techniques I'll be using to build a complete tabletop RPG fantasy adventure for my friends:

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Register for the Adventure Building Workshop by June 26
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You've got three options:

Option I: Just the Adventure

I'll send you a draft of the module when the adventure is done and it's been edited once. This lets you dig into it faster, provide feedback, and run it sooner than later without delays from the polishing stage.

Then I'll send you the final PDF with art and maps when it's ready. I'll also send you a discount code for the print version when that's ready.

Option II: Adventure Building Workshop

You get everything in the Just the Adventure level (draft and final version, add-ons, print discount code). Plus you get the summer workshop, private community access, and Q&A sessions with me.

I'm also including an Evernote mini-course as it's my tool of choice for the Workshop.

Option III: Adventure Consultation

Whether you are creating an adventure for your personal campaign or for professional publication, you can chat with me privately over Google Hangouts.

You can ask me anything. We can talk about your adventure idea and pitch, we can review an encounter you're having difficulty with, we can review your Critical Path Walkthrough. We'll go over whatever you are stuck on, need a sounding board for, or want guidance about.

You'll get two 30 minute Google Hangouts we'll schedule when you are ready, but to be scheduled before the end of 2015.

And you'll get a recording of the consultation sessions for your files to review anytime.

Join the Adventure With Me Now

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Just the Adventure

Pre-Order the Complete Adventure PDF

Emailed copies of the Draft version and Final version

All GM aids, add-ons, and handouts I create for the adventure

Print version discount code

Critical Fumble Guarantee


Credit Cards and PayPal welcome

Adventure Building Workshop

Two months of Adventure Building tutorials, videos, and materials starting June

Private community access

Over-my-shoulder and thinking-out-loud style of workshop so you get all the secrets and details dislodged from my brain into yours

At least two live Q&A sessions on Google Hangouts

Evernote mini-course

Adventure templates, stat blocks, checklists

  • Everything from Just the Adventure tier
  • Critical Fumble Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access

RPT subscriber special 50% discount until June 25:

$50 $25

Credit Cards and PayPal welcome

Adventure Consultation

For your personal campaign or for your professional publication.

Chat with me privately over Google Hangout.

Ask me anything: review your adventure idea, troublesome encounters, plotting, etc.

Two x 30 minute Google Hangouts scheduled when you are ready before the end of 2015.

Recordings of the consultation sessions.

  • Everything from the Just the Adventure & the Adventure Building Workshop tiers
  • Critical Fumble Guarantee


Credit Cards and PayPal welcome