The Tiny Prep Book

A GM Toolbox that will transform your GMing with tiny tools that garner you big swings at the game table.

$15 USD

Format: PDF, 54 Pages

The perfect aid for busy GMs across all TTRPG systems who quest to deliver epic sessions without the epic prep time.

Tiny Prep is fast. It fits into any packed schedule. It effortlessly builds you a game preparation habit. And it’ll give you more confidence going into every session because you’ve got more stuff ready to run.

Why Tiny Prep?

  • Streamline your preparation process and make prep fun.
  • Focus on the essential prep activities so you're ready to run your next game.
  • Fit into any schedule, even if you're like me with two jobs (the day job and Roleplaying Tips) and other hobbies.
  • Gives you quick, fun, and creative exercises so you can start cranking out all the cool ideas.
  • Get templates you can easily customize for your genre, game system, and GMing style.
  • Targets your storytelling with enough detail to support improvisation at the game table.
  • Roll a d6 to get started! (This is explained in the book).

What's In the Book

Chapter 1: Tiny is Mighty

  • Section 1.1: Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?
  • Section 1.2: We Are What We Repeatedly Do
  • Section 1.3: Tiny Habits

Chapter 2: Creating the Habit

  • Section 2.1: Motivation Sucks
  • Section 2.2: Seeing The Barriers
  • Section 2.4: Investing The Time
  • Section 2.5: Taking The Action
  • Section 2.6: Deciding The Reward
  • Section 2.7: Creating Your Tiny Prep Statement
  • Section 2.8: Experiment!

Chapter 3: Basic Tiny Prep

  • Section 3.1: Naming 1d6 Toys
  • Section 3.2: Outlining 1d6 Things
  • Section 3.3: Tiny Places
  • Section 3.4: Tiny NPCs
  • Section 3.5: Tiny Items

Chapter 4: Tiny Dungeons

  • Section 4.1: 1d6 Dungeon Things
  • Section 4.2: Three-Line Rooms
  • Section 4.3: Three-Line Corridors
  • Section 4.4: Three-Line Portals
  • Section 4.5: Three-Line Monsters
  • Section 4.6: Three-Line Treasures
  • Section 4.7: Three-Line Tricks

Chapter 5: Tiny Mysteries

  • Section 5.1: Forming Conclusions
  • Section 5.2: Tiny Clues
  • Section 5.3: Placing Clues

Chapter 6: Tiny Considerations

  • Section 6.1: Top-Down Tiny Prep
  • Section 6.2: Scaling Your Prep
  • Section 6.3: Follow Your Enthusiasm

Appendix: Tiny Tables

Special Features

  • Micro-Tasking Framework for Game Prep. Break game preparation into small, manageable tasks, making it easier to fit into your crazy schedule.
  • Habit-Building Techniques. Get strategies for making game preparation a consistent and less daunting task.
  • Creative Inspiration Tools. Includes methods and prompts to help generate ideas for game sessions quickly.
  • Customizable Templates. Useful templates for NPCs, locations, and plot hooks that can be easily adapted to fit any game.
  • Efficiency-Driven Prep Methods. Employ techniques that minimize prep time while maximizing the quality and immersion of game sessions.
  • Confidence-Building Advice. Get tips on becoming more confident with minimal prep, helping you focus on the joy of storytelling and player engagement.