RPG Dungeon & Map Designs
GM Tips Video 2 of 4 by Mike Shea and Johnn Four

How can we build and run better dungeons using tricks from The Lazy Dungeon Master and 5 Room Dungeons?

This is the second of four videos by Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips.

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RPG Map Designs - Jaquay meets 5 Room Dungeons

Video Contents

00:00 Introduction
01:02 Three Steps for Building Fantastic Dungeons
01:30 Finding Good Maps
03:49 Example of a Map Design Flaw
05:18 What Makes a Good Map
06:12 4 Criteria For Good Dungeons
07:40 Avoiding the Railroad
08:22 Incorporating 5 Room Dungeons
09:16 Three Quick Examples
12:15 Fronts
13:43 Westmarches and Sandboxes
14:34 5x5 Method
16:30 The Infinite Game
17:36 Up Next: Running Heists & Capers

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#1 Situations & 5 Room Dungeons


Sly Flourish Video Thumb 1

Video Contents:
00:00 Introduction
01:24 5 Room Dungeon Overview
05:51 Situations
11:10 It's Like a Simulation
12:20 5 Room Dungeons as Situations
13:05 Knots in a Snake
14:08 5RDs as Story Beats
16:25 The Rooms of a 5RD
23:43 Improvising Situations

#3 How to Run Heists and Capers


Sly Flourish Video Thumb 3

Video Contents:
00:00 Introduction
02:00 Ingredients of a Great Heist
03:26 Heist Adventure Framework
06:53 5RD Framework Heists & Capers
09:40 The "5 Rooms" of a Heist
16:05 Failure-Proofing Heists
18:50 The 5 Actions
21:29 Failing Forward
22:34 Spikes of Danger

#4 How to Run Mysteries – GM Tips


Sly Flourish Video Thumb 4

Video Contents:
00:00 Introduction
00:56 The Trouble With Mysteries
06:14 Secrets and Clues
09:09 When Players Start Speculating
11:15 The 3 Clue Rule
13:34 Creating a Truth Table
14:19 The NYPD Blue Method
16:56 5 Room Dungeon Mystery Model
22:47 5RD + Secrets & Clues

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