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Arcane Heroes minis

Enter minis tips for a chance to win a pack of D&D Heroes minis

Time for a new Roleplaying Tips contest. Gator Games has kindly offered an amazing 12 packs of D&D Heroes minis as prizes. There will be four winners in all, each will receive two or more packs of minis. Thanks very much, Jean!

How to enter

To enter, email me a tip related to minis or battlemats, or comment below with a tip or piece of advice about them.

  • Do you have a cool minis storage idea?
  • A neat way you use minis in game?
  • A great way to organize minis?
  • Ideas on how to use minis for better storytelling or faster combats?
  • Pointers on keeping battlemats clean?

You can enter as many times as you like. Each entry gives you a chance to win a pack of D&D Heroes minis by Wizards of the Coast.

Even if you do not play Dungeons & Dragons, you can still use minis you win for your game. Or maybe you just want to put them around your monitor at work to wage mock battles with when the boss isn’t looking? I got your back.

How to win

Winners will be selected at random. So do not worry if you can write well or not – it’s the idea and tip that counts.

Due to shipping restrictions, minis can only be sent residents of Canada and United States. However, if you do not live in those countries and win, I’ll hook you up with a cool RPG PDF.

Contest ends November 30. Minis will be shipped in late December, when the final packs are released.

I’ll assemble and edit entries, and give them away to Roleplaying Tips subscribers. So your tips will be helping game masters have more fun at every game, too.

About contest sponsor Gator Games

Martial Heroes minis

Krog must have minis! Enter to win today.

Gator Games is an FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) operating in San Mateo, CA. If you’re close enough to make them your Friendly Local Gaming Store, please go check them out in person.

If you’re clear across the country, Gator Games has an online store full of used games, minis, and all sorts of goodies for ultra savings. Use coupon code rpgsrule for additional savings on non-discounted items.

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Enter now

Ok, it’s time to enter. Send in your tips.

Good luck in the contest! I look forward to reading everyone’s tips on minis and battlemats.

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