Escape This Evil Dungeon to Accelerate Your GM Mastery

Today, I have a GM productivity tip disguised as a mimic for my Platinum Wizard of Adventure program. Let’s gird up, grab our 10 feet poles, and delve into the dungeon.

I’ve done a ton of Gather Knowledge checks on personal productivity over the years so I can run Roleplaying Tips plus wrangle the day job without burnout. Been doing this since November 1999 (happy 25th, RPT!).

And on this life-long adventure, I’ve accumulated a deep Bag of Tricks. And, by the way, these tricks also stave off GM burnout.

So, last year, I realized I wasn’t making as much progress towards my goals as I wanted. My quest to help 10,000 GMs run the best campaign of their lives, and to make my own Basilica campaign the best one of my life to date, were not happening as fast and as effectively as I wanted.

So I cracked open my journal and asked myself why not.

And one killer reason I honed in on immediately was because I was spending way too much time battling the social media demon in Room I: Entrance & Guardian.

Specifically, Facebook and YouTube.

I immediately dropped Facebook. That one was easy. I still go to my account if someone messages me, but otherwise I don’t scroll or engage.

That was one fantastic blow against the demon.

But YouTube was harder to shake. It was so convenient. I especially enjoyed watching videos at lunch while my hands were busy forking food into my maw. I also started watching YT more and more to decompress after work.

It was great, because I wasn’t committed to a one hour show or two hour movie. Instead, I could binge on 30 second clips, 5 minute clips, 15 minute clips… And the dopamine cycle thrived like yeast on the crazy videos YT served up to me. The best of humanity and the worst of humanity all seemed to have a channel.

So I decided to quit binge-watching YouTube too.

But I kept failing my attribute checks, and kept jamming my eyeballs with garbage that wasn’t advancing my quests. YouTube is convenient, titillating, and makes it easy to click on the next video.

Back to the journal I went and mined and mined for solutions.

And then I struck gold.

I discovered that I could still watch stuff while chewing (who said I couldn’t multi-task well?) and decompressing. But instead of YouTube, I switched to watching courses.

Another quest I’ve been on since last millennium is to level-up my GMing at every opportunity. So I made a list of skills I had yet to master. Then I looked for courses and tutorials on those topics and watched.

That worked like magic! I defeated the Room I social media demon. And I started making accelerated, tangible progress on all my quests.

For example, I learned how to facilitate workshops, and thus, Master of the 5 Room Dungeon workshop was born, which has been a huge success for dozens of GMs and Roleplaying Tips.

And that’s where Platinum Wizard of Adventure comes in. For ten bucks you unlock 354 GM lessons, Q&A calls, and tutorials (some video, some text, some both).

Instead of winding yourself up on social media, I instead offer you a way to accelerate your growth as a game master, learn a plethora of new GMing tricks and techniques, and make your current or next campaign the best one yet.

Quit doomscrolling. Instead, spend your lunches and screen time watching, learning, and steeping yourself deeply in our favourite hobby.

Become a Platinum Wizard of Adventure today.

Have more fun at every game!

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