Heads-Up: Campaign Logger Legacy Migration

I wanted to give you a heads-up that we are migrating your data to the new version in the latter part of September for you.

The original Campaign Logger, which we call Legacy, is here:


The new Campaign Logger, which we call vNext, is here:


(You can see a growing list of new and improved features in vNext here.)

Later this year we will shut down the Legacy version.

And note that all of your Legacy and vNext data is futured-proofed because you can export it as plain text.

To make the switch to vNext easier, if you have not already done so, we will be importing all your Legacy logs into vNext later this month.

In vNext, your Legacy imported logs will appear as a Campaign titled “AUTOMATED LOG IMPORT”. Here’s a screenshot of what to look for:

When you open the AUTOMATED LOG IMPORT Campaign you’ll see all of your Legacy Logs and Log Entries, safe and sound, that you can edit, move around, delete, etc.

After the final automated Log migration from Legacy to vNext later this month, we will stop support for Legacy. And any changes you make to your Legacy logs after that point will need to be manually migrated yourself, which is easily done by downloading from Legacy and importing into vNext.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do manual log transfer from Legacy to vNext:


If you encounter any wandering monsters, feel free to create a ticket any time!


Here’s to all our happy logging,
Johnn & Jochen