RPT – Campaign Journal Example

The Redblade Crier #1

Campaign Journal

This is an example of a campaign newsletter based on tips from RPT #159.

Highlights of Session #1 – 08NOV99

Bill: Coldour
Bob: Jacopo
Barney: Skurt
Biff: Butch

  1. Full attendance! Thank you.
  2. Only 1 character “death”.
  3. Jacopo’s heroism will not be forgotten..by two people, at the very least!
  4. The mysterious disappearance of Coldour’s Uncle, Tibor; Tibor’s wife/mother, Haggis; and Tibor’s daughter, Angelina.
  5. Surprise attack by the bugbears just hours away from Kendall Keep.
  6. The strange old man who supposedly cast spells upon the party during the ambush. Friend or foe?
  7. Discovery of Tibor’s true cargo: human slaves.
  8. Freedom of the slaves and the bugbear retaliation at night.
  9. Coldour sure does know how to liven up a fire! (Thanks to a good start by Skurt.)
  10. Arrival at Kendall Keep-a warm welcome with stern warning: behave!
  11. People met: Sabine the Gatekeeper; Maruda the Bouncer, Wilf and Calista of The Green Man Inn and One-Eyed Cat; Tella the stablegirl; Wort the guard (hailed the party on initial arrival).
  12. Some freed slaves chose to remain at the Keep, the others returned to their homes. They pooled their resources and divided up the proceeds of their sales.
  13. The session ended with the party preparing to visit The Caves of Chaos based on rumours heard @ the Keep.
  14. Sabine scoffed at the idea of a small group of merchants seeking vengeance on bugbear bandits. She said you must be suicidal if you plan to visit the caves.

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Ablefoot’s Almanac: The Heron Empire

Established over 3,000 years ago by the House Heron, the Empire dominates the Southeastern corner of the continent, Midlendia.

Today, it is a thriving centre of culture and civilization. Its 50,000,000 citizens enjoy many luxuries not found anywhere else in the world, such as 500 years of peace, ice cubes and advanced medicine.

Currency In The Heron Empire

1 Gold Bar = 100 Lions
1 Lion = 20 Eagles (gold coin about the size of a dime)
1 Eagle = 100 Commons (silver coin size of a quarter)
1 Common = 4 Snake Bits (copper coin size of a toonie)
1 Snake Bit = 1/4 of a Common coin

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Whispering From The Street

“There are spiders in the Spiderwood! Great nasty big ‘uns. With teeth!”
“Treasure? ‘Course there’s treasure hereabouts. Y’just have to know where to look for it. I’d try those caves up the road if I was you. The folks that went through years ago ‘re bound to have missed something. Stands to reason. I’d go myself, if it weren’t for the wife and kids.”
” ‘Bree-yark.’ It means ‘I come in peace’ in the goblin tongue. My Uncle Henslow said so. And he was a soldier, so he should know.”

Subconscious Ponderings

  1. Who were the folk who ‘went through’ years ago?
  2. What’s a goblin? Has your character ever really seen one?
  3. Who was Coldour’s Uncle taking the slaves to?
  4. Why did Tibor hire such an inexperienced and dubious lot like yourselves to serve his caravan?

Question Of The Week

During down times, non-playing times and any time you choose, when you play Bloodbowl you may represent a team from the Heron Empire. The other Bloodbowl group we played with before now plays the average game in 30-45 minutes, from practice. Quite often you will have that amount of free time while other players take their turns when the party splits up. A perfect time for a league match!

Last season, among the three leagues of the Heron Empire, there were a number of team extinctions due to retirements, disbandments and deaths. You will each play a brand-new, re-built team.

You need to decide which league you guys want to start a team in:
Peasant (Common) League = 50-200 point teams
Knight League = 100-350 point teams
League of Lords = 250+ point teams

You will start with lowest amount possible in a tier On an extremely rare basis, a team from a lower league may graduate to a higher league and survive more than one season.

So, the Question Of The Week is, “what league do you vote for to begin in:

  1. Peasant League
  2. Knight League
  3. Lords League

Player Info

Biff: phone# omitted email omitted
Bob: phone# omitted email omitted
Bill: phone# omitted email omitted
Barney: phone# omitted email omitted
Johnn: phone# omitted email omitted


Monday, November 22nd, 6:30pm, at Bob’s