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If You Struggle With NPCs, My Award-Winning Book GM Mastery: NPC Essentials Will Give You Everything You Need to Become an NPC Master

NPC Essentials is a huge collection of tips, techniques, and aids that will inject life and detail into your NPCs. This comprehensive book is filled with step-by-step advice on designing, roleplaying, and managing NPCs during the entire lifetime of your campaigns.

Also included are NPC archetypes, encounters, random generation charts and tables, NPC character sheets, and an example NPC-centric adventure (d20, fantasy).

This book contains advice I've never seen anywhere else.

For example, power bases. Where does your NPC derive their strength from? Villain, monster, or even a beggar. How does this affect their personality, ambitions, and behaviour?

Power bases are a new dimension perfect for designing complete and realistic NPCs to challenge and entertain your players with.

I've also included and condensed a lot of the advice published in Roleplaying Tips over the years as well. This makes NPC essentials your one-stop shop for all NPC tips and tutorials.

This product is far and away one of the best purchases I have made on RPGNOW. I have commented on a number of quality documents and supplements, but none compare to this with regard to value and usefulness. NPC Essentials guides the reader through a number of different NPC creation methods and gives them a lot to think about! Well done. I make it a policy to never give anything I review five stars, unless I believe that it is perfect. This document is perfect.

Christopher Sargent 
DTRPG Reviewer

GM Mastery: NPC Essentials Table of Contents

The book is 84 pages long.

Here's the core table of contents (click the Expanded Table of Contents bar below to view all sections):

Chapter 1: Intro
Chapter 2: Design
Chapter 3: Roleplaying
Chapter 4: Campaign Management
Chapter 5: NPC Archetypes
Chapter 6: NPC-Centric Adventure
Chapter 7: Charts & Tables

NPC Essentials Book Cover
  • 13 Instant-Use Tables & Generators to Craft Great NPCs Quickling-Fast
  • The Perfect Tool For D&D and Pathfinder Game Masters
  • Detailed NPC Creation Instructions Guide You Each Step Leaving No Confusion
  • How to Bring NPCs to Life For Memorable Encounters
  • 4.9/5 Stars on DTRPG and Gold ENnie winner for Best GM Aid
  • Get three bonus books when you purchase today
NPC Essentials Gold ENnie Winner Best GM Aid

Full Table of Contents (Click sections to reveal)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: NPC Design

Chapter 3: NPC Role Playing

Chapter 4: Campaign Management

Chapter 5: NPC Archetypes

Chapter 6: Mini-Adventure

Chapter 7: Charts and Sheets

The text has depth - it looks very hard at organizing NPCs and giving them a living role in your campaign. Its not your usual gaming fluff written by second-rate writers for munchkin players; this is a serious and practical look at creating, using, and managing NPCs. The points may be familiar to those who have experienced training in acting, but but to me, it was one of the best supps I've gotten in 25+ years of gaming.

JD Smith DTRPG Reviewer

Please Scoop This Horde of Bonus Loot

You found the secret door. You saw the tripwire and cleverly snipped it without releasing the tension so the next explorer will get a nice surprise.

Entering warily you spot the treasure. It's all there for the taking. But wait. You see the faint outline of another door, revealed by your keen eyes. You place a bag of sand on the pressure plate and carefully touch the trigger-stone in the arch.

Revealed in the room beyond is another wealth of treasure. Treasure sure to help you further master your NPC-craft....

NPC Essentials Book

A huge collection of tips, techniques, and aids that will inject life and detail into your NPCs.

Get step-by-step advice on designing, roleplaying, and managing NPCs during the entire lifetime of your campaigns.

  • How to design NPC by campaign role
  • How to roleplay NPCs in different situations
  • How to manage a campaign full of vibrant NPCs
  • 10 NPC Archetypes

Bonus I: Three Line NPCs Book

My unique Three Line NPC technique lets you design three-dimensional NPCs in under a minute. Many playtesters reported 15-second times and said this was now their go-to method of generating playable NPCs at the game table.

Even though these NPCs are just 3 lines long, they pack a huge roleplaying and story punch because of the special way in which they're constructed.

  • Complete details on the three line NPC method and how to wield it
  • 450 Example 3 Line NPCs for instant drag & drop use
  • Make three dimensional NPCs in 15 seconds
  • 199 pages, instant download

Bonus II: 200 Story Exploding Character Hooks Book

Get 200 original plot hook-filled backgrounds to instantly flesh out any NPC.

These are especially effective for creating adventure plots and player side-plots.

Each background gives you a few personal NPC details and at least one plot hook. In the words of one playtester, "I could base an entire campaign off one of these hooks alone."

  • 200 complete character hooks like the examples above
  • 75 pages, instant download

Bonus III: 150 Quick & Cool Character Backstories

150 new plot-injected NPC backstories for your campaigns.

These hooks always work. You might need to tweak an angle or small detail, but when done, the NPC now has something to hang their sword belt on.

GMing NPCs with these hooks will become even richer and easier for you.

  • 150 more character backgrounds and hooks like the examples above
  • 34 pages, instant download

Armed with all this loot, you'll be able to whip up NPCs in seconds and give them backstories and details dripping with plot hooks for your campaigns.

My Critical Fumble Guarantee

I am proud of my work and I stand behind it 100%. I also know it's risky buying books online, because you can't stand in a store, hold a book in your hand, and flip through it.

So I'll take all the risk from you and put it onto me with a money-back guarantee. (I wish more online RPG book sellers offered this when I'm buying.)

You have a full 60 days to try GM Mastery: NPC Essentials and all the bonuses. When you purchase from my secure, https, encrypted shopping cart, you will be able to download your book immediately.

And if you don't like it - if I roll a 1 for you - just ask for your money back. Email me anytime to get a refund. No hassles, no questions, I will simply give you your money back.

If you'd care to share how I rolled a critical miss so I can improve my books, that would be wonderful. But that's totally optional. Thank you.

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