Roleplaying Tips Round-Up February 2021

February was another great month, but it sure went by fast.

There was a big Campaign Logger feature added plus a new add-on.

The new feature is Charts & Diagrams. Perfect for plotting, faction pyramids, and other organizational uses.

And we launched a dice room to help GMs who run virtual, async, or distance gaming.

Wizards of Adventure joined me on another monthly call, and my internet rolled a 20 and kept me connected the entire time. Thank you RJ45!

The forum is busy with lots of great idea sharing and our GM Advisors helping those in need.

The Roleplaying Tips Discord is also picking up steam with some great chats and new channels for links and GM help requests.

Here’s a run-down of links in case you missed anything in February.

Please note the cascading access. Meaning, if you are a Platinum Patron, you get everything in Silver and Gold. And Gold Patrons get everything in Silver.

Silver Patrons – Hireling of Adventure

I created a PDF for the Mother of All Character Questionnaires to help you build out PCs and NPCs.

By the way, have you seen the Campaign Tracker PDF? Someone asked about it, so I thought I’d mention it again.

Download the Campaign Tracker here.

Notable Threads in the Campaign Community

Gold Patrons – Apprentice of Adventure

5 Room Dungeon Zine #03 is nearly complete!

This diabolical adventure pits the PCs against an Ooze Master and his precious pets in an abandoned brewery.

I just watched a documentary on slimes this week, actually. It looks like they might be intelligent!

They can solve problems, find optimal routes through tricky paths than people cannot do without aid of a powerful computer, learn, and remember.

Who knew?

Here’s preview #1: Oobguberneth the Ooze Master
And preview #2: Purple Psychic Ooze

More good news: 5RDZ #4 draft is complete. Expect to review that as part of your wonderful Patronage in April, fingers crossed.

Platinum Patrons – Wizard of Adventure

Here’s a recording of your exclusive Zoom call with me for February.

And scroll to the bottom here to catch up on all past Zoom calls.
I also made an announcement that Zoom calls will be held monthly. Here’s the 2021 schedule.

Notable Threads for Wizards of Adventure

Wizard of Adventure Campaign Support

If you are going through the Adventure Building Master Game Plan, don’t forget to create your on homework and ideation thread in the Wizard of Adventure forum. This is a private forum for you that your prying players cannot read. 🙂

Ask any of the moderators for help or ideas if you ever get stuck. We’re here to support you.

Faster Combat Support

New GM Advisor @ExileInParadise has been going through the Faster Combat course and making a thread for every lesson.

This is a fantastic resource to ask question, post exercise homework, and get his very smart takes on lessons.

Campaign Logger Updates

The beta version of the app (called Campaign Logger vNext) is getting weekly fixes, updates, and exciting new features thanks to the hard work of my business partner Jochen, and Cory, Holger, and Rardian.

Access to the Beta is open to all Patrons: Campaign Logger

Charting & Diagrams

Charting and Diagrams are now available as an alpha feature!

Charting/Diagramming Syntax: About Mermaid

Here are some cool examples using Faction Pyramids.

Dice Rooms

Also in beta, this tool helps for online or distance gaming.

Dice Service

Custom Generator Builder Bulk Uploads

The Custom Generator Builder now supports bulk uploads via CSV and JSON

  • The first CSV row is treated as a header row
  • Values within a row need to be separated by COMMA (not semi-colon)
    • Double-quotes around a value must be used to have commas within a value
  • Each column will become its own table
  • The filename will be the name of the new generator
  • The column names (from the header row) will become the names of the tables
  • The column names will be the categories of the new generator
  • The column names will form the auto-created result pattern from where one can adjust the generator manually

All imported generators now get “[IMPORTED] ” prepended to their name – that can be changed to whatever one desires after a file has been imported.

Other Updates Updates

New and updated GM tips posted on the blog:

RPG Stuff I Bookmarked

Thank you wonderful Roleplaying Tips Patrons for your support!

You are helping game masters around the world have more fun at every game.

And I hope you are too!