How To Become A Better Actor?

Bad actor GM

A reader sent in this plea for help. Do you have any tips for him?

Hi Johnn,

In many ways, there is no scope for subtle NPCs in an RPG. I need to portray strong personality traits to ensure these features are made clear to the PCs.

Plus, it would help to distinguish my NPCs from one another.

Do you know actors for whom you would be happy to watch them do anything?

Some film characters just sizzle on screen from the way they are portrayed, and I would want to watch them for far longer than the plot allows.

Now, I know ALL my NPCs cannot have this sizzle, but I would like for some of them to have that quality.

And I feel my delivery of NPCs is lacking.

I can see I need to improve how the NPCs behave, to emphasize their traits, but I cannot help but think my delivery of acting the NPC falls short too.

I may simply be a poor actor, but I would like to improve.

How can I be a better actor at the game table?

– The Bad Actor GM

If you have any acting tips for our unsizzling GM, please post a comment below with your advice and ideas.

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