Give ‘Em Bragging Rights

Here’s a quick player engagement tip from RPT GM Damion:

Another one I’d like to add to your list of things that get the players grinning like Cheshires and craving more is bragging rights.

Was in a hexcrawl and we’d accidentally befriended a treant. Insane accident. Naturally, he became Treebeard when the Halfling Warrior named him.

Anyway, he’d help us out anywhere in his woods because we agreed to clean up the darkness.

Well, darkness cleared, party on its last legs, level 2 by the way. When just because the roll decided to hate us on the way back, the Yaun-ti Abomination stealths up and knocks Treebeard down.

So what do a bunch of beat to death, almost dead, 0 spell slots and abilities left players do?

Yup, guessed it.

They jumped the thing like it said something disingenuous about their mothers.

Cue idiotic fight scene of epic proportions!

Treebeard gets his arm ripped off!

Treebeard double crits!

Warriors slashes!

Ranger shoots!

And the drood goes clubbing, crits, and drops that terrifying snake like last year’s fruitcake.

Since that time, bragging about that fight has taken over beating a hydra to death with a great club. And the halfling winning the milk drinking contest with the half-orc barbarian.

Hilarious con saves, that one.

Anyway, just my two cents and always a pleasure to read your tips. I pick em out and throw em in my campaign regularly!

Thanks boss!

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Great story! Sounds like the root of the Treebeard problem was leafing the poor snake guy alone. Time for the PCs to twig onto a different idea and branch out in a new direction. Haha.

And you are right. Let’s nurture Bragging Rights as a key party motivator to take action.

Thanks Damion!

Have more fun at every game!

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