Contest: What do you want in a GM questionnaire?

by Silveressa

Player questionnaires, we’ve all seen them in various incarnations, used by many a GM to gauge  a prospective players’ gaming style, plot interests and overall experience, yet no such tool exists for the GM. What sorts of questions would be ideal to ask a prospective GM, be it about their gaming style, campaign or overall group dynamic?

This two week-long contest is designed to rectify this oversight and ideally give us a community generated GM questionnaire we can all use for future groups. To enter, simply comment with a useful question to put in a GM questionnaire or idea to make it useful.
The prizes for North American entrants are two packs of D&D Heroes minis from Wizards of the Coast, generously supplied by Gator Games. If you are not in North America don’t worry, we will hook you up with an alternate prize. Each comment counts as an entry, so feel free to let the ideas fly!

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