RPG Blog Carnival – Short Dungeons & Adventures

Short adventures are awesome because they help you game more. They reduce fatigue, keep games fresh and exciting, and work well as one-shots in conventions and as in long-term campaign play.

Some RPGs such as Fiasco are designed for quick adventures. Other games such as Pathfinder and D&D can easily incorporate them.

There are two short adventure frameworks I know of.

The first is one I created in 2002-2003 called 5 Room Dungeons. It offers the adventure-builder guidance on encounters to build, and effective story structure is automatically baked in for you.

The second one is the very cool One Page Dungeon Design contest. It’s been running since 2013.

Some view constraints as shackles. However, I believe the constraints of short dungeons and adventures spur your imagination and help you get inventive. Design limitations are like hooks your brain can riff off to break moulds, try new ideas, and engage your players in interesting ways.

So this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is about Short Dungeons & Adventures.

Write about or post a great short adventure you’ve designed. Or talk about your experiences with 5 Room Dungeons or One Page Dungeons. Or share links and resources that would help game masters create short adventures. Or design resources to help game masters, such as generators, tables, idea lists, map tiles, etc.

After you’ve published your RPG Carnival Blog post, drop your link in the comments section below to share with everyone.

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