September RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up: Curses!

RPG Blog Carnival LogoSeptember’s RPG Blog Carnival was all about cursing. Spells, items, campaign stories => any way you have gamed the stink eye or nasty magic. Several bloggers offered great ideas for we game masters to use curses in our games. Here’s a summary of carnival entries.

Tom Stephens posts about the death of his first character in a new gaming group due to a cursed ring.

Perry Watson details his love of the Bestow Curse spell and the adaptation of curses for the weird science-fantasy RPG, Numenera.

Lizard gives us three entries! One for the Dying Curse, options for Bestow Curse, and the Friendslayer Blade.

theLoreweaver provides 20 cursed weapon qualities.

James Introcaso contributes 100 simple curses for magic and mundane items in D&D 5e.

Phil Nicholls offers a dangerous magic item that has brought a dark curse to Summerland, the kingdom of eternal summer.

Mike Bourke provides Campaign Mastery’s submission to the Blog Carnival: “What Empowers A Curse and other dangerous questions.”

Ismael Alvarez starts a discussion on the nature of cursed items, and the dreaded hair shirt.

Leicester’s Ramble does a brief thought experiment on items becoming cursed through misadventure, rather than more commonly-encountered means.

Jeff gives us the sword called Briton’s Bane a sturdy magical longsword with an ornate hilt decorated like a knight in full plate armor.

Fitz offers his take on cursed items.

Sean Holland shares a curse-eating dagger.

And Fheor posts about a few ideas that make for interesting curses (scroll down the comments to find it).

Aaron B contributes Curses and the Magic skill in the Wicked West.

Finally, Roleplaying Tips gives us tips on how to design cunning cursed items.

Thanks to all the bloggers and posters for contributing to September’s RPG Blog Carnival, Curses, Cursed Items and Calamities in Your Campaigns.

October’s RPG Blog Carnival is now underway at Of Dice & Dragons. Check it out.

[Photo Credit: Bex Ross]

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