RPG Advertising on Roleplaying Tips

RPG Advertising Enquiries.

Thanks for your interest in advertising. There are three ways you can get your brand and products in front of avid gamers through Roleplaying Tips:

  1. Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-zine Ads: Subscriptions are double opt-in and kept current thanks to Aweber.com. Each issue is limited to 4 ads to keep content ratios and ad effectiveness high.

  2. RoleplayingTips.com Advertising: Advertise on this web site.

  3. The RPG Advertising Network: Broadcast your ads on an influential group of highly-focused websites that serve over 500,000 page views and 40,000 unique users every month.

Ask About RPG Advertising

To book advertising, ask about rates, or for other enquiries, please contact Johnn Four.