RPT Gems #11

Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song)

John Lach shared in the Old School Gamers Facebook Group a funny YouTube video I thought you might enjoy as well.

A frustrated gamer shares his thoughts on problem player George in song. Poor George.

Soundscapes and Music Managing for RPG


I saw you were suggesting software for managing ambient sound and music at the game table. I thought I’d offer some too (though you might have suggested these in the past).

I’m using SoftRope and sometimes Syrinscape for the PC.

On the Mac, I use Natural Worlds.

Session Worksheet For Players

Ian G.L.

I DM new players and wanted to make a simple reference sheet for them that I could keep and help them with between sessions if I noticed any issues.

It’s a session sheet for players.

Let me know your thoughts. There’s room to add something if I’ve missed any key element.

Monsters & Landscapes

Michael Hutchinson via the I Love GMing Facebook Group

Hey all, I’m not sure if you are fans of Reddit, but I get some great ideas browsing through two art-based ones:

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