RPT Gems #13

Atlas Obscura


Hi Johnn, I ran across this site.

It’s an adventure site with special places and such from all over the world.


A private online map of Earth you can add push pins to. Use this for modern campaigns or to keep track of your players if you play online.

If you come up for other uses for it, let me know.

Khan Academy

The site claims:

Learn almost anything for free.

Yup, it’s true. Unlike Wikipedia, which provides great overviews of topics, this site offers actual lectures and classes on all manner of subjects.

Perfect for thorough GMs who want to study up for their campaigns. And perfect for your own use as a personal development program.

A similar site is Coursera.

D&D Pronunciation Guide

Want to know how to say Guenhwyvar, Tiefling or Gygax?

Check this handy guide over at ENWorld.

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