RPT Gems #2

The Hero’s Journey

So without further ado, our first gem is all about creating killer stories.

If you are not a fan of myth master Joseph Campbell, become one.

For decades he studied myths from cultures all over the world, current time and from history.

He figured out the secret formula and elements common to myths, which is amazing when you think about it. Are we really all programmed the same way?

Hollywood has been using his insights for years to tell better stories.

Lucas followed Campbell’s most accessible model, The Hero’s Journey, without deviation for the Star Wars movie.

So what is the Hero’s Journey and how can you use it to craft better adventures?

Here are some links to guide you:

  • Aimed at business storytelling, this article gives you a good overview.
  • In this video and article, famous author Kurt Vonnegut shows us the shapes of different stories mapped out on graph paper.
  • Steven Pressfield (“War is Art”) out lines the Hero’s Journey with a mad libs format at the end.
  • This epic length post, How To Structure A Successful Story, gives you lots to think about (and too many purchase links). If busy, skim down to the cartoon screenshots and study the patterns. Very interesting!

A Great Gamer Magazine

RPG Review is a quarterly PDF magazine run by Australian gamer Lev Lafayette.

Each issue has a theme, and #15 is about Indie Games.

Get the current RPG Review, plus back issues.

donjon Generators

Eddy Morrow

Morning Johnn,
I found this site the other day because I could not find the word DONJON in either of my dictionaries.
Turns out to be a nice content generator.

Thanks Eddy. This site has several generators that would interest game masters, including name gens, an inn menu generator, treasure generator, weather generator, NPC generators and more, all for Sci-fi, d20, D&D 4E, and many other games.

Challenger RPG

I met Challenger RPG author, and up-and-coming fiction writer, David Dostaler last week at Starbucks.

He gave me an autographed copy of his game, which to me is a combo of d20 fantasy and Old School style game.

We had a great chat and have a lot of common ground in our approach to GMing. He’s a story-first guy, and he likes to GM great and creative environments.

David is currently giving his entire RPG away for free! It includes two GMing sections, and I recommend checking them out even if you are not in the market for a new game system.

You have a few different download options:

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