RPT Gems #3

Combat Manager For Pathfinder

For Windows XP, Vista and 7, and requiring .NET 4.0, this software is an:

Initiative and Combat Management for Pathfinder with searchable Monsters, Feats, Spells and Rules database, Monster Advancer and Treasure Generator.

I installed the program and it works well. The database on NPCs alone is worth the download for PFRPG GMs.

Critters and NPCs have their crunch linked to respective entries in the software’s database.

And there are tabs for feats, spells, rules monsters, treasure and the combat manager. Tabs also keep your “place” when switching back and forth.

Thanks to DanIel Hinkelman for the link suggestion.

The Last Of The Sea Nomads

For generations they have lived on the ocean, diving and fishing, and rarely setting foot on land.

Looking for a water culture for your world? Check out these nomadic sea people, who live on the coast of Malaysia.

The caption of the main photograph hooked me into reading the article:

Marine boy: Enal with his pet shark.

Very interesting!

Thanks to Brandon Bates for posting this link on the Strolenati Facebook page, the place where I scooped it from.

Lightning Lake

From the same Facebook page comes this link about Lake Maracaibo in the Venezuelan state of Zulia.

About 150 times a year the [lake] is scene to a lightning show unmatched on the planet. The lightning storms last ten hours. And the storm is incessant, producing nearly 300 lightning bolts each hour.

Another cool idea for your campaigns.

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