RPT Gems #4

Six Word Stories

Need some inspiration? This site features members writing story ideas in just six words.

When you add restrictions, you get more creative. That’s why a blank sheet of paper is more terrifying than trying to encapsulate a story seed in six words.

I suggest hitting specific categories, such as Crime or Sci-Fi. For some reason, I just find those entries more actionable. ymmv.

I also suggest using these seeds as great inspiration for encounters and five room dungeons, not just adventures.

22 Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar

I found this great article link in the RPG Advocacy Facebook Group.

On Twitter, Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats compiled nuggets of narrative wisdom she’s received working for the animation studio over the years. It’s some sage stuff.

Gnome Stew posted some analysis of the list.

Encyclopedia Mythica

This site offers a database of myths. Great for gaming ideas!

I found the folklore section particularly interesting:

The secret is to get curious. Ask the 5Ws and 2Hs, and use your imaginative answers to generate great ideas.

For example, I randomly clicked and landed on:

Caipora – The Caipora is a small Indian covered by fur, who owns the hunt and appreciates smoke and cacha’a (Brazilian drink) or a small present that appears in a wood-pig.

The first thing that leapt out at me was the phrase, “owns the hunt.” What does that mean? Sounds like a cool NPC concept, plus a potential adventure seed – what problems would a hunt owner have, what could go wrong?

Second, there’s a present in a wood-pig? Great item idea!

11 Table Rules For Speed

I wrote this article for Campaign Mastery. Want to speed up player turns? Try these tips.


I promised 1d4 gems, but how could I omit Roll20.net? Gem #5 this week is a killer-looking virtual tabletop service. Cool gaming software for sure!

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