RPT Gems #5

How to Run & Play RPG

Greg Stoltz’s download page has lots of interesting things on it, especially for the games he’s designed.

And at the bottom of the page there are two links you might find of interest:

  • How to Run Roleplaying Games
  • How to Play Roleplaying Games

These are short PDFs that contain some good tips, either for you or your friends:

Good Tips For Clerics

If you want to develop a multidimensional character with its own identity, you need to develop a strong concept. It also helps to have some pre-packaged ways of meeting the expectations of others.

Check out this article on the Netherworld Stories blog.

Great Images For Game Master Inspiration

I’m now on Pinterest and have started a board for GM inspiration.

I pin pics you can use for items, NPCs, locations and more.

Pick an image you like and look at the details for a bit. Get curious about it and ask the who, what, where, when and why questions. Then integrate it into your adventure.

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