RPT Gems #6

Villains Can Learn A Lot From Murphy’s Combat Laws

They key to a great story is a great villain.

The RPG Athenaeum looks at the classic list of Murphy’s Law of Combat Operations, which holds more than 100 humorous observations about the not-so-humorous activity of actual warfare.

It’s a short post but I think it has great seeds and advice you can use to run smarter villains.

Be sure to check out the 142 Murphy’s Laws Of Combat Operations linked to from the post. You can turn many of them into smart villain actions.

5 Great NPC Portraits

Use art to inspire NPC design. This methods works very well for me.

So I recommend checking out these great portraits via the Challenger RPG site:

I just had the honor of viewing the amazing artwork Tor can create using Photoshop. I’m not talking about Tor the publishing house, I’m talking about Tor the incredibly awesome creative designer.

Check out his sweet artwork. Also, he has a video there on how he does it. Crazy, huh?

Campaign Management Tool

Dale Ashburn

I have been a loyal RPT fan for almost a year now and I have a great tool for GMs.

It’s called Obsidianportal.com. It’s a campaign Wiki that has free and paid versions.

The free version allows you to make two campaigns, have 2mb of campaign storage, one campaign map and have one GM per campaign.

The paid version is $5.00 monthly or you can do $25 every six months or $40 for a year.

The paid version gives you unlimited campaigns and 5 gb of storage. You can set your campaign to public friends only or private. You can have 10 campaign maps, multiple GMs per campaign, share secrets with specific players, a campaign forum and more.

I have been using this website to work on my Rifts new west campaign, and it has helped me keep track of everything. My favorite part is each page has GM secrets only the GM can see, and player secrets.

I love this website, it is great tool for GMs.

[Johnn: Obsidian Portal is a great site run by gamers for gamers and is tuned well to RPG. A reader did a review of it and comparison to similar services.

My group uses PBWorks, which is also free.

And a couple of RPT readers in the past have recommended Google Sites.]

Slumbering Tsar Saga Author Interview

The mega adventure Slumbering Tsar Saga by Frog God games arrived in my mailbox this week!

I had some questions about it, so I interviewed the designer, Greg A. Vaughan. Read the interview.

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