RPT Gems #63: Air elemental in hellish brush fire, 5×5 plot technqiues, post-apoc famous landmarks

What Does an Air Elemental Look Like?

Fuel your description for the next air elemental the PCs encounter by watching this short video. It’s cool to see what happens to the fire, debris, and smoke.

5×5 Plot Grids

Halfway down this article is a great technique for plotting out your adventures. Map out your major quests or story points across columns, then break each down into rows of steps. A simple and fast technique to plot things out, or check your designs for fun factor.

This Is What Famous Landmarks Would Look Like After A Global Disaster

Cool digital paintings on what famous places would become after the world fell apart.

Abstract Dungeoneering

From The Angry DM, here’s “A simple alternative to mapping an entire big-ass dungeon.” (Thanks to Serapio Calm for the link.)

Colour Thesaurus

Need 19 different words for yellow? This page not only gives you the words, but it shows you the colours. Another great description aid.