RPT Gems #64: Terrifying Post-It Notes, Combat Tracker, OneNote tips

Character Organization in OneNote

If you’ve been thinking about OneNote as your next GM info management tool, check out this YouTube tutorial by Geoff N.

How covers how he organizes his NPCs for his game, and in the process he reveals some neat features of the software.

He has another video you might be interested in too, “Manage a Base of Operations for Players in OneNote

Create Your Own World Calendar

This simple and great tool lets you build a calendar for your setting. Customize day and month names and add multiple moons.

The tool generates HTML and PDF formats for you to take your calendar on the go.

What This Guy Does Using Post-It Notes Is Terrifying

Looking for creepy inspiration? From David McGuire of the OSR Google Group comes think fantastic page of scary art.

Simple One-Page Combat Tracker

From Julian Steen comes this nice, lightweight way to keep your combat details straight.


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