RPT Gems #65: Mapping Tutorial, Free Post Apoc Video Book, 50 Places Straight Out Of Nightmares

Mapping With Gimp Tutorial

From MonkeyBlood Design comes this step-by-step mapping lesson for creating wilderness maps with the free image software, GIMP.

The tut uses their commercial symbols file, but you can use free icons and art from elsewhere just as easily.

Six Tips For Battles With The Big Bad Guys

From the Adventure Maximus! team comes this nice, short PDF with simple tips to coach you for your next villain scuffle.

The 8th Continent Interactive Book

Got wind of this on Facebook, and it looks like a pretty cool post apocalyptic story.

The 8th Continent is an interactive novel video game FREE on Android, via Google Play and Amazon. It is also available on Mac and iOS. The gamebook will soon be compatible for Windows too.

50 Places Straight Out of Nightmares

From Tamara Copple:

When I need game inspiration, I just go to weather.com!

And the example link she posted goes to some pretty incredible pics you can use for amazing adventure and game world locations.

While checking those pics out, also hit the 50 Places Straight Out of Fairy Tales link.

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