RPT Gems #66: You won’t believe what this culture does to its dead?

Adventure Pack One: Free RPG Adventures

From RPT Reader David L. Dostaler comes Adventure Pack One: Free RPG Adventures.

David says:

It contains adventures set in Challenger RPG rules, but easily convertible to other systems (most of it is ideas-based and quite simple). The adventures are short and build a campaign arc if used together, but can easily be split up and/or modified.

A Culture That Honours Its Dead

Francisco Pettigiani shared this Wikipedia entry about the Toraja people of Indonesia.

He said:

They have unusual rituals, especially the funeral ones, like exhume the dead every year and wash them, groom them, change their clothes, and walk them around the village! I think they could be great for inspiring strange and exotic cultures.

How to be a Better Player

Kale shared this article that offers great advice on being a better player and moving the game forward, even if at first you think your character might not want to.

Six Questions to a Better Character

Making multi-dimensional characters isn’t always easy. Character questionnaires can help but can also be dry, boring, and isolating. I found this simple, six-question survey that boils it down to the crux of making characters that are layered, have just enough history in the world, and a little history with one another. Take a look.

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