RPT Gems #67: Horde of the Dragon Queen Special

Besieged Village Generator

Daniel Davis shared the following generator for creating random village sieges for your players to handle:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen chapter 1 atomized and put back together as a generator of cult-besieged villages in general.

Put a ton of these in your sandbox, and the PCs could make a whole campaign of pursuing the cult, breaking sieges, rescuing survivors.

Also works for just making a normal village. Does population, physical layout, elevation, special features, etc.

Cultist Generator for Hoard of the Dragon Queen

For an adventure like Horde of the Dragon Queen, you are going to need cultists by the dozen. Why not use this generator shared by Luis Alfaro to add more character to your cultists:

Updated the Hoard of the Dragon Queen cultist generator, now including 100 sample cultists for your copying+pasting needs. Formatting’s better as well, and lots of new content has been added.

Example: SHALMANISAR, vain and smells of lavender, is playing game. Joined because cult is family. Wants to be forgiven by someone. Cultist notably cares for invalid relative (sibling, sibling’s child, parent, grandparent, cousin, cousin’s parent). Useful because has blackmail on higher-up (is heretic, shows mercy, stealing from hoard, double agent). Reaction: asks you to go / tries to hang out.

Making Monsters Memorable

Need even more advice on how to make the dragons more memorable? Check out this blog post by Delos.

People, Actions, and Things

When it comes to travelling, you will encounter a variety of characters on the road. These characters may be good, bad, or even ugly. But if you need something fast, why not check out this chart for quick inspiration for what the party encounters on their travels.

Horde of the Dragon Queen Errata

Jeremy Smith sent a link to the following thread:

Anybody running or planning on running Hoard of the Dragon Queen should check out this thread. Steve Winter explains some errors.

Roleplaying Tips Archive Update

Finally, after years of hiatus, the Roleplaying Tips site is getting some updates. Thanks to RPT Reader and Gamer Lifestyle member Da’ Vane for digging in and getting the content up on the site. It’s awesome to see the site getting some attention again. Fingers crossed, we’ll catch the site up on missing past issues of Roleplaying Tips over time. Plus, we’re posting the RPT Gems archives over there now too!

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