RPT Gems #68: Dungeons

Cavern Complex Table

Tor-Ivar Krogsæter

I found this great pdf by Dirk Collins giving a quick and easy way to create interesting cavern complexes.

Dungeon Map Generator

Got game? Need Map? This dungeon generator will come up with a map in a jiffy, complete with area numbers, so you can focus on some Old-School Dungeon Delving.

Random Dungeon NPC Generator

What dungeon delve would be complete without all sorts of NPCs down there to add to the chaos? Use this generator to come up with a diversion from monster bashing.

Random d20 Treasure Generator

You’ve survived the traps, defeated the guardians, and finally get to loot the dungeon – why not flesh out those spiffy hoards with this nifty d20 treasure generator. I love how it allows you to swap coinage to trade goods and salvage. Imagine the look on your PCs faces when they defeat the ancient red dragon and discover 8 stolen longships…


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