RPT Gems #69: D&D 5E Roundup

D&D 5E Backgrounds Archive

Without a doubt, the biggest new innovation for D&D 5E has to be the inclusion of backgrounds. The fact that each includes a roleplaying benefit is just the icing on the cake!

From Kasimir Urbanski comes this gem:

The original database of D&D backgrounds. Started August 16th.

Our goal is to compile every single fan-made background for D&D 5e! Please help us out by posting your background


Play Your Old Modules In 5E

Check out this article about how you can play your old modules in 5E. This goes well with the D&D Revisited column we’ve got running over at the site.


Even More D&D 5E Resources

Russ Morrissey, ENWorld

It’s been a few days since my last compilation of new D&D 5E resources. For me, it feels rather like the early days of 3rd Edition in terms of fan-based homebrew materials and the like. For some reason, 4E didn’t have such a fan-content culture about it. That said, be careful about what you create and share – WotC has apparently already dropped a Cease & Desist on a 5E spellbook generator site.


Make Your Own D&D 5E Screen

Shawn Sanford shared this link to his homemade GM screen. Not bad, since we are going to have to wait until the new year for an official one from WotC…


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