RPT Gems #70: Free RPG Bonanza

DramaSystem SRD Now Available

Check out the latest work by Robin. D. Laws – DramaSystem. Get it for free here.


Traveller For Free

Traveller is one of the more iconic Sci-Fi RPGs of yesteryear, and sees a strong following today. Why not check out the SRD for free?


Free RPG Day 2012 and 2013 PDF Link Compilation

Why not check out all the material released as part of Free RPG Day in 2012 and 2013?



A Collection Of Over 500 Free RPGs

Still not enough free RPGs for you? They out this list of free RPGs and see what you can find.


By the way, Roleplaying Tips AWESOME Assistant, Da’ Vane, has her free RPG is on this list with the following entry:

PCSIK System by Chris Freeman

Keywords: universal rules-lite

A universal system. Action resolution is by rolling under stat + skill using a number of d10s based on difficulty. Character creation is open point-based, spending 100 Story Points on statistics, abilities, skills and equipment. 36 pages rules (PDF).


Talk about a blast from the past! Consider it a bonus Gem from www.roleplayingtips.com!

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