RPT Gems #9

Medieval Demographics Made Easy: Numbers For Fantasy Worlds

This link comes from RPT subscriber David Lundy.

I found this site to be very helpful with building my fledgling world.

Created by John S. Ross, Medieval Demographics Made Easy will help you figure out realistic populations for your setting.

How to Make Your Own Dice Tower From Formboard

I love dice towers. Remind me someday to tell you how I earned a Boy Scout badge by making a dice tower out of a 2 litre milk carton.

Eric Gosselin shared this great tutorial:

I made mine from cardboard, it’s a fun project and the result is fun to use. 🙂

NPC Factions (Or how to be a lazy DM)

This short blog post advocates a technique I also use in my games: factions.

The vast majority of the two hours of prep work I have done recently was statting up a few different groups that the PCs have been interacting with.

I first come up with the leaders of the group and write a sentence or two describing their personalities and motivations.

Then I stat up a sample member of the group, a tough member of the group, and make a few notes about different weapons or armor that I can use to make members of the group seem unique.

D&D Aides Downloads

Some great downloads on this page:

  • 3.5 Edition Character Sheet with Formulas (Excel)
  • Party Tracking Worksheet (Excel)
  • Blank Item Cards
  • Monster Cards
  • 2 Fonts (Centaur, Morpheus)
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