How to Create Situations With 5 Room Dungeons

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1153

We want to cue up situations, not outcomes.

By that, I mean we don’t dictate the actions of the characters.

That’s the players’ job.

But as storytellers, we have a job to do too. We need to weave good tales from our setting, adventure plans, and gameplay as it happens.

How can we do this without causing our heads to explode?

This is what Mike Shea from Sly Flourish and I discuss in a video we’ve made for you:

How to Create Situations With 5 Room Dungeons

This video is actually the first in a four-part series we’ve crafted.

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This is the first time Mike and I have collaborated, and this type of project was new to us.

I’ve been a fan of Mike and his Sly Flourish blog and books for a long time, and it was a lot of fun figuring out how to present you meaningful and practical GM tips in video form.

Speaking for Mike and I, we hope you find these videos helpful for your campaigns and that you add Situations, Dungeon Map Tricks, Heists, and Mysteries to your GM Toolbox.