Millions of Colours Now in Campaign Logger

We’ve added a couple new features to the Campaign Logger web app.

First, though, Jochen and I are considering making an important change to Campaign Logger.

Should We Open CL Up For Add-On Development?

We’re thinking of opening the app up even more so developers can build and share their own add-ons and features in javascript.

For example, maybe a developer wants to completely change the interface, or add image rendering in Log Entries or create a weather generator tied to a fantasy calendar widget.

Before we put work and resources into making that possible, we wanted to see if there was any interest from developers in doing projects like this.

If we opened up Campaign Logger to development, would you contribute? If yes, please hit reply and let us know.

If we get enough yesses, we’ll start planning this out and probably spin off a Slack group with developers to discuss further.

You Can Now Change Font Colour

In Log Entries for the web app, you can make text any colour you want.

That means tags and normal text can be coloured as you like.

To change text colour, use hexadecimal notation:

{#rgb|Text} or {#rrggbb|Text}

For example:

Campaign Logger Font Editor

Campaign Logger Font Colours

Note the bottom example and how you can “stack” font formatting to create bold, italicized, underlined, and coloured text in whatever combo you want.

If you aren’t familiar with hex font codes, here are two sites to help you out. Just pick the colour you want, copy the code, and paste the code into your Log Entry.

HTML Color Codes

Adobe Kuler

How To Change Font Preferences

You can also now change font size, and serif or non-serif text via Preferences.

Click the cog icon in your Campaign Log.

Then click the Change Preferences button.

Select desired font size and serifness.:)

Campaign Logger Font Size Picker


Campaign Logger Font Type Picker

More features are under development. Keep the feedback and ideas coming!

If you do not yet have a Campaign Logger license, you can learn more about the campaign organization app for GM here.

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