4 Great GM Magazines

I’d like to call out four gaming magazines today, in case you haven’t encountered them yet. Most are free. And all offer excellent resources for we game masters.

WorldBuilding Magazine

Friend and RPT Discord moderator, @Auke, works with WorldBuilding Magazine.

Worldbuilding Magazine is a free publication created by volunteer writers, artists, and editors, with a passion for world building.

Each issue has a theme, and for the upcoming issue, the theme is Philosophy & Intellectual Pursuits.

Past themes include:

  • Waterways
  • Disasters & Apocalypses
  • Social Etiquette
  • Crime & Justice
  • Cosmology

Issues are free. Download past editions here.

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D12 Monthly Zine

d12 Monthly started in mid-2021 by YUM DM with a focus on D&D and d20 games.

Example issue themes and topics include:

  • The Holy Classes of OSE
  • Arcanists
  • Low Fantasy Magic Items
  • Planes & Demi-Planes
  • Wilderness Zones
  • Guilds & Factions

Download all past issues here, or use their links to buy physical versions from DTRPG.

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Mythic Magazine

From the creator of the solo RPG and GM emulator, Mythic, comes this mag with lots of useful tables and ideas for GMs.

Issue topics include:

  • A one-page creature builder
  • Solo sandbox play
  • Mass combat
  • Assembling the party
  • Solo magic system

Now out of print, alas, you can get back issues and compilations of back issues on DTRPG.

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RPG Review

This magazine covers many different aspects of TTRPGs. Past topics and themes include:

  • Cats!
  • Games of I.C.E.
  • Housing, Food, Clothing
  • Supernatural Places
  • FUDGE and Fate

The team releases 2-3 issues a year and you can get all the back issues here.

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Some great resources packed in all those magazine pages! If you know of any other regular GM-friendly magazines, let me know. Thanks!

Have more fun at every game!

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