A Fantastic Encounter Building Tool

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0762

If you have writer’s block, this is a fantastic GM encounter building tool created by Brennan OBrien.

Today’s Musing is a short one. Just check this tool out and explore its possibilities.

For example, I think it’s awesome for encounter building.

Encounter Building Recipe

Start with an encounter seed idea for a person, place, or plot.

Then use Brennan’s Inexhaustive List of Questions as a self-interrogation tool to help flesh the idea out.

Based on whether your initial idea is an NPC or faction, location, or event, choose the appropriate row.

Then start with the Who? column. Pick one question from the Who? box and write a quick answer.

Then do the same for What?, Where? and the other three columns.

If your encounter feels thin or incomplete, combo with the Encounter Triangle to fill the holes.

Switch rows to person/faction, location, or event, and then return to Who? and pick another question to answer.

Repeat again for each column.

Iterate a third time, if required, to complete your encounter triangle.

By the end, you will definitely have a well-inspired encounter!Here’s the link to the tool.