Feed Off Your School of Magic

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0899

I did something weird a couple weekends ago.

I relaxed.

I normally get up early to write or work on something Roleplaying Tips related. Then I do the day job. Then I work on emails for a bit in the evening.

Some people would find this terrible.

As an introvert, the writing and emailing are tons of fun for me.

I look at it like this:

When I’ve finished doing something do I have more energy than when I started?

These things I pursue more.

The things that leave me tired or deflated? I avoid.

We need to do the same thing for GMing.

Think of it like D&D schools of magic. Transmutation, Evocation, Divine, Necromancy, etc.

Wait, not necromancy.

Anyway, some schools you naturally jive with.

Some you don’t.

Focus on the schools that make you excited and give you energy. These will keep your passion in the hobby well-stoked.

For example, I love maps. I’m learning to draw them right now. Tons of fun.

I also love building encounters. So I tend to do encounter-based prep work before sessions.

I don’t like writing long backstories. Not my thing. So I don’t do this.

Two tips for you here, then.

First, do what you love to keep your energy up and be happier.

Second, let no one tell you what’s right and wrong with GMing.

My Musings? Take them under advisement only. You decide what makes you happy. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you.

So figure out what about GMing gives you energy. Double-down on that.

Form your own style based on your strengths and simpatico Schools of Magic.