Gamify Your Daily Prep

Do you know the difference between game masters and players?

Game masters get to play every day!

If you find session preparation a grind, put it off, and then panic come game day, one reason you’re in this vicious cycle is you aren’t having fun with prep.

I’ve seen this lead to fizzled campaigns and GM burnout many times.

What my new book, Tiny Prep, does is turn your prep into not just a daily habit, but a fun game you look forward to playing, as well.

When you wake up in the morning, do you leap out of bed and think, “Oh boy! I get to prep my campaign today!” Probably not, heh. You’ve got work or school on your mind.

But I bet when you get 5 free minutes during the day, you don’t leap at the chance to prep for next session either.

I didn’t. However, because Tiny Prep makes world building, campaign crafting, and session readiness fun, I now seize such moments to do so. And after the 5 minutes, I have more energy than I started with because:

  • It was quick, simple, and fun
  • I feel like I actually accomplished something
  • I did

Whether you use the Tiny Prep method or take some other approach, you need to install into your life a fun way to make daily progress on your game so the stress and pressure and worry doesn’t mount.

In addition, the method you choose needs to give you a victory every time. Why? When we take pleasure and satisfaction from accomplishing something, no matter how small, our brains want more.

If we pick a bit of garbage up off the ground and put it in the nearby bin to make our community a teeny bit nicer, our brains want more hits like that.

If we draw a great circle or triangle and admire it for a second, our brains want more tiny moments like that.

And when we take a successful step in just a couple minutes to advance the state of our campaign and make it more fun for our players (and us!) our brains want more of that.

In this way, Tiny Prep, or whatever fun-making approach to session preparation you take, becomes a daily habit, because your brain gets rewarded from the small, successful, incremental steps and pushes you to do that again.

Therefore, today, I strongly urge you to gamify your session prep so it’s no longer a stressor in your life. Make it so it doesn’t feel like a job any more. Make it so that, instead, you actually seek out moments to roll on your Tiny Prep table and get the opportunity to achieve another preparation victory.

Here’s the link to buy Tiny Prep if you’d like to gamify and have more fun with your prep starting today.

Have more fun at every game!

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