Looking For Game?

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0807


How do you find players and GMs to game with nowadays?

Years ago I wrote a book on the topic called How To Find Gamers: Filling The Empty Chair. I’ve decided to make it free now and ask for help in updating the links of places where you can recruit gamers.

What’s In The Book?

Part one covers tips I wrote and collected on how to find great gamers to RPG with.

Some of the tips are old school, like printing posters and putting them up in your library or game store (with permission).

Most tips, like creating a simple online profile at certain sites, however, are still relevant.

Part two lists all the links I found where people can check ads looking for games or gamers.

I think both parts could use a refresh.

Download The Book

The book is a 400KB PDF.

You can grab your free copy of Filling The Empty Chair here.

By offering this book to everyone free, I hope Roleplaying Tips can help gamers game more often.

If you have any tips for finding gamers, or know of sites missing from my list, please drop me an email.

After I’ve organised the updates, I’ll post a new version of the book for the public at the website. Thanks for your help!