Thanks to My Players Because…

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0736

I live in Alberta Canada, so I had turkey day back in October (though my wife says I’m a turkey every day). However, any reason to be thankful is a good reason.

So, taking advantage of the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend, I’d like to say thanks to my players because…

Thanks to “Still the New Guy” Mike for being so supportive, offering me cool plot hooks during and between games, for helping me make my combats run faster with hit point tracking and devastating fireballs, and for letting me run story instead of dice.

Thanks to “Vicious Mockery” James for running initiative last night and speeding things up, for being fricking hilarious, for showing up to every session, and for being a very clever player.

Thanks to “Orcs are Terrible People” Colin for your amazing roleplaying, your awesome knowledge of the rules (and gentle reminders), writing kick-ass session logs, and your always-helpful guidance at the game table.

Thanks to “Torm, Guide My Finger” Jason for the constant support, good nature, and cat herding. I really enjoy how you combo roleplaying and combat, your positive energy, and your exuberance at game night.

Thanks to “I put the stud in studded leather” Roscoe OG Jeff for being an amazing friend, for having so much fun at the game table, and for being hilarious.

Thanks to “You Can’t Choose Two Sides” Chris for being a great sport (I’m sorry/not sorry about that Finger of Death dude), for bringing snacks and sharing, and for making games better with your wonderful humour and good natured ribbing.

Thanks to “Reality-Breaking Gnome” Kalin for patiently tackling the tough wizard class as your first ever character, and for using Campaign Logger at games and giving me great feedback on it.

Thanks to “The Inner Life of Half-Orcs” David for taking my barbs and puns in good stride, for enjoying RPG as a new hobby so much, and for the delicious cheese.

Thanks to “I Bought My Own Dice” MyMy for trying RPG and now being a cool geek like the rest of us, for your clever use of spells, and for bringing fun to each session.

Thanks to “Dark Is My Favourite Colour” Brittney for the incredible vim and zest and style you bring to the game, for teaching the noobs, and for being a good friend. Thank you, awesome players. I can’t wait to see what weird, crazy, and amazing stories come from all our gaming in 2017!