Two Fun Ways To Add Games To Your Sessions

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0959

Here are two fun ways to add games to your sessions, sent in by your fellow RPT GMs.

First is a set of three dice games you could use for characters gambling. I wonder how magic, fixed dice, and rogue skills might come into play.

Second is a simple and cool idea to kick-off a session or kill some time while teaching everyone the game rules.

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Dice Games


I started researching and thinking of ways to include simple and interesting gambling games in the game session. Here is what I found.

Hobbits versus Giants The DM rolls a hidden d10 and all players try to beat it rolling 2d6.??For an interesting gimmick I decided the d6 dice are thrown one at a time and the bank (the 1d10) can raise the stakes accordingly. After each 1d6 is rolled the bank can raise or hold the current stake. After rolling each 1d6 each player may fold to exit, leaving his stakes in the pool or continue.

After all dice have been rolled, each standing player including the bank may raise, pay, or hold one more time. And then the results are revealed. Winner takes it all.

Another interesting gimmick is the flavor. The 1d0 is the giant and the 1d6s are hobbits.

If the giant rolls 1 this is a kick and he wins.

If the hobbits roll two 1s then these are “snake eyes” and the giant is afraid of snakes and loses.

If the hobbits roll two 6s then it is hobbit horn. This attracts one more hobbit, but also another giant, and all standing players continue in a new game which is now 2d0 versus 3d6.

Drink With The Succubus

How long can you have pleasant drinks with the succubus before you succumb to her charm and lose your soul?

A simple blackjack reskin but with dice. The aim is to have maximum close to 21 (having conquered the succubus is 21) without going over 21 (you surrender to your lust and the succubus takes your soul).

The first player rolls 1d12. Then everybody in order rolls 1d12.

A roll of 10, 11 or 12 instantly reverts to 10 and cannot be changed.

A roll of 1 can be converted to 11 if you like, but cannot be changed also.

Stakes may be raised after each player including the bank (the bank rolls last) has rolled once, then twice, etc.

Divining The Future With The Devils

The devils are a treacherous folk and can help you divine the future. But they will always make it hard for you to interpret it in the proper way.

Here the bank and each player enters with 6 tokens that are put in the common pool. The aim is to have the exact number of 1s rolled that is written in the prophecy.

The bank secretly rolls 1d6 which is “The Devil Prophecy.” Each player rolls 8d6. (with more players this game takes a lot of d6s). This is their “Divination.”

Starting player is the bank which gives one number between 1 and 6 that is NOT the winning number.

Each round after the first roll each player may keep the divination as it is (if he believes he has divined the exact number of 1s) or try to “interpret it further” by re-rolling one die of his choice.

However, with each re-rolling the time for the prophecy grows short, represented by the bank withdrawing one of is its initial token stakes from the pool. Also, after each token removal the bank gives different number that is NOT the winning one.

The procedure is again repeated until all players decide not to re-roll.

In the end if one or more players have rolled the correct number of 1s the prophecy is revealed and they share between themselves the pool. If none guess it all pool goes to the bank.

I would like to share this with you and your community and would like to see other games. Thanks for the attention and have a nice summer.

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RPG Jeopardy

Lacey MacPherson

I would like to share with you something my niece has started doing before we start playing.

On the weekend I called to say I was going to be a hour or so late. So to entertain the other players in the group my niece (our current DM) decided to create a D&D trivia game similar to Jeopardy.

She notified the group that the trivia would be based on the Players Handbook.

Categories were:

  1. How Much Does This Cost
  2. Name That Monster
  3. Spell Areas And Effects
  4. What Page Is This On

Easy questions were worth 25, 50, and 100 bonus XP. The hard questions were worth 200 XP. We played as a team and all involved got the XP.

It was a blast. We also learned a lot. We have played it a couple times now and it’s always a great way to start the night off.