Two Quick Free Game Master Tools

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0727

Two Quick Free Game Master Tools

I like online tools where people can make useful stuff and share with others. And then others can build on that stuff and share it back to everyone else. I’ve got two such tools for you today.

Roleplaying Tips was conceived on this idea in 1999. GMs around the world receive GM tips I write by email and then share their tips back to me for resharing.

My Campaign Logger GM organization app [Campaign Logger] has the same feature. You can create Campaign Log files full of content or stat blocks and share them with other Campaign Logger game masters. It’s done through individual file sharing right now, but developer Jochen and I plan on expanding out this feature in the future.

Cheat Sheets

The first tool I’d like to share is called Cheat Sheets. It was shared to me by Steve B. Thanks Steve!

With this app, you create cheatsheets for online viewing or PDF export and download.

Here’s an example one for Settlers of Catan: Cheat Sheet

And one for Campaign-Logger Cheat Sheet

Imagine the possible uses. GM screens. Rules. Cheat sheets to help individual players! Cheat sheets for world locations.

There’s even a Cheat Sheet for creating Cheatography Cheat Sheet

If you make one, please let me know!

Go Deck Yourself

The second cool tool lets you build decks of cards for print and play.

The site offers you several templates, and then you add your own text and (optional) art.

With this tool you can rapidly create things like item decks, NPC cards, encounter decks, random dungeon decks, props, spell cards, and other player aids.

Here’s a deck I built for running a heist in your games:

If you build a deck, drop me a note. All these tools – Roleplaying Tips, Campaign Logger, Go Deck Yourself, and Cheat Sheets appeal to me because more game masters using them makes the tools more valuable to everyone else. Campaign Logger just hit its 1,000th license, for example, which means it’s going to have a strong 2017 for the community we’ll be building around it!