What Do You Wish Players Asked You?

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0859

You find a Ring of Gather Player Information. It makes each of your players ask you any question you want about your game. What questions would you want them to ask?

There’s an interesting thread in the Roll20 community that asks:

As GMs we tend to ask questions of our players, like “What do you like?” and “How do you play?”

Now let’s flip the script. What if the players wrote you a questionnaire of what kind of GM you are? What questions should they ask?

So I’m putting this question to you, slightly changed.

Do you wish they’d ask what kinds of encounters you like to GM most?

Or what part of the campaign do you find least enjoyable right now?

Or, if the characters were to make a choice that would get you giddy like a red dragon receiving a modron-dropped box of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce from Amazon and madly prepping, what would that choice be?

What questions do you wish players asked about your GMing, your campaign, or you?

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