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Political Campaign Tips – Part II

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #203 Establish A Home Base There are different setting options for political roleplaying, but one of the best is the Home Base Campaign where the PCs generally stick to a particular area. The majority of adventures, encounters, and interactions take place in or near where the PCs call home, […]

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5 Post-Session Player and Campaign Development Tips

From Keith Earley Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #178 For any good gaming group, the campaign and the characters within both grow and thrive over time allowing the game itself to take a life of its own. This development, while mostly seen during the game session, has an influence away from the game as well that the […]

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Contest Results: Cool Conflict Scenes

From Scorpio Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #166 Here is a summary of all the entries in the Interesting Scenes contest that ran in Issues #164 and #165. Use the categorized lists below to inspire encounter creation or to beef up encounters you have planned. These lists would also make a great GM Binder tool for enhancing […]

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11 Tips For Creating Character-Centered Subplots

From Mark L. Chance Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #151 Educate Your Players Regardless of game genre, subplots are an effective way to increase player investment in a campaign and to inject verisimilitude into your game sessions. A subplot is an additional story line that occurs simultaneously with the main plot of a game session. Subplots add […]

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Old Campaign, New PCs: Creating New Characters For Existing Campaigns

From Walks in Moonlight Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #129 Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Walks in Moonlight, and I have been running a Werewolf campaign for more than two years now. Of the six players currently in my game, two have been playing since the start, two have been playing for around six […]

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