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How To Build A Fantasy City In 47 Seconds

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0852 Need a city fast for your campaign? Follow these 6 steps to build a fantasy town or metropolis in under a minute. Drawing or consulting a map is my First Move. [Kill GM Procrastination With Your First Move] So we’ll begin this recipe with a quick fantasy city map generator. Let’s […]

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Character Home Bases – Part III: Example Village of Coldwater

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0759 On Monday we covered how to get players to care about home bases. Wednesday I showed you a simple three step village creation recipe that you can world-build from. And today I’ll walk you through a quick example that you can also drop right into your campaign this weekend. Note that […]

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Character Home Bases – Part II: How To Create Villages Fast

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0758 Character Home Bases – Part II: How To Create Villages Fast Last tip I rambled on about building character home bases and several ways you can invite players to care about them. While the Hobos of the Apocalypse will likely be creating a village community from ground up, I will want […]

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Character Home Bases – Part I: 6 Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0757 Character Home Bases – Part I: 6 Tips The Hobos of the Apocalypse (formerly The Murder Hobos now reborn as positive change agents) need and want a home base once they emerge from the bowels of the elemental dungeons they currently cleanse. The problem is, they’ve got few stakes in the […]

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The Hook, Line & Sinkers Method Will Inspire Your Encounters

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0778 Here’s a great way to create encounter seeds for your next game via RPT Reader Victor Diaz. It’s  called the Hook, Line & Sinkers method. From the RIFTS Adventure Book, page 38: Hook, Line & Sinkers ™ is the popular Game Master’s tool created by Jolly Blackburn. The idea behind it […]

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A Cracking Way To Conjure Compelling Encounters

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0797 The best way to start adventure planning is with conflict. Conflict drives gameplay. When PCs must meet and beat something, you’re going to offer up choices, skill checks, attack rolls, and parleys. Roll the dice, say yes, keep the pace storming. A problem I used to face was coming up with […]

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Do This Now Every Session For Easy World-Building

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0811 There’s a doc out there called Tight Dungeon World One-Shots. It’s great advice for running a night’s gaming with no prep. The doc offers a section called Setting Questions. You ask each player something about their character that relates to the world. For example: Druid, what is your homeland? How is […]

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