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Systems Of Attraction: The Interpretation And Roleplay Of Charisma – Part 1

From Mike Bourke Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #270 Charisma. What is it? What does a charisma of “17” really mean? What personality traits does it imply? Recently, Roleplaying Tips was contacted to request an article on this very subject. It didn’t take much discussion of the question to realize that the answer is much more involved […]

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Looking Good, Feeling Great – Visual Aids

From Loz Newman Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #260 The DM uses descriptions to help players visualize his game- world. He uses maps, words, gestures, music, and so forth, to help them do this. This visualization is one of the “fundamentals” of tabletop role-playing. As a DM and long- time worshipper at the altar of “Good Game […]

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5 Description Tips

From Johnn Cinq Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #249 As the interface to the game world, you the GM need to provide the best descriptions possible to help your players understand what’s going on and to help immerse them in the roleplaying experience. Some GMs are natural born poets, and their descriptions are wonderful, entertaining, functional, and […]

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6 Ways To Enhance Your Descriptions

From Mike Bourke Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #204 There’s an easy trap for referees to fall into when describing scenes and encounters: that of describing what the player characters see or perceive with their senses. This is an important component of the characters’ interaction with their environment but it can actually demand so much of your […]

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Talking The Talk: NPC Speech Patterns

From Dariel R. A. Quiogue Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #172 How we talk is part of our personality. How we talk tells volumes about us: our nationality, religion, education, and more. Every person, every culture, has their own recognizable speech patterns. Applied to our favorite hobby, this can help us roleplay characters of diverse origins and […]

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Mapping Dilemma – How To Stop Your Players From Yawning

From Johnn Four Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #001 I hate to admit it, but because of bad RPG mapping habits I game mastered a “yawner” last night. My number one goal for each and every session is to entertain, and players yawning is a sure sign I’ve missed my mark. While every game master has their […]

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